Here at Today’s Therapy Solutions, families are our priority. We strive to help families be as successful as they can in their community. We do this through direct service with their children, through education within the family, and through community involvement.

Our services do not end with the child; a big part of our services is teaching the families the strategies we use in therapy. We strongly feel that if the child only receives our services once or twice a week with no follow-up from the family, we have not done our job!

We also strive to perform accurate evaluations that include helpful recommendations and useful resources. Our neuropsychologist does this through using the most research based tools and keeping up to date on current resources.

The goal of the page is to help connect current, past, and potential families to useful resources. If you know of a good resource you would like to see added to our page, please contact us at

This page will continue to be updated, so please check back with us for new resources!

Financial Resources:

Oklahoma Health Care Authority
Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Services Division
Social Security Income
Information on the Donna Nigh Foundation
Information on TEFRA (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982)

Autism Resources:

Oklahoma Autism Network
Autism Society of America
Autism Speaks
My Autism Network
Piece Walk of Oklahoma

Learning and Therapy Resources

The Grey Center
PECS (Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc)
Model Me Kids
Alert Program
Super Duper Publications
Hand Writing Without Tears
Cerebral Palsy Legal Guide

New Clients

Whether you are a family member looking for services or a healthcare professional trying to find services for a patient, we are here to help.

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About Us

Today's Therapy Solutions is committed to providing up to date research based services to support families who have children with disabilities.

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Our Services

At Today's Therapy Solutions, we provide a range of services to meet your child's needs. Our services include home based and clinic based.

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Our Location

Today's Therapy Solutions is conveniently located on North May Ave and 57th in North Oklahoma City.

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Helpful Resources

At Today's Therapy Solutions, families are our priority. We strive to help families be as successful as they can in their community.

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