Using Supernanny for Visual Supports

August 12th, 2011 @

One website I often use as a therapist and a parent is the website  Most of us have seen the show or at least heard about it.  For those of you who like the show, you will also like the website.  I like the website because it provides a lot of practical parenting strategies.

Even for children with disabilities, we have to start with just good parenting strategies.  Some children will respond to this alone, while others might need more modifications in your approach. Every child is different; I’ve learned that from just parenting my own two children.  I have one who responds well to the practical parenting strategies and one who needs more support, making me often think outside the box.

This website has ideas from sleep to eating to rewarding your children.  I like the section on the reward charts, kids love these reward charts, they are bright, fun and easy to use.  For some younger children, you might have to start with simpler charts, but for some kids they can handle the charts on the website.

I hope you enjoy this website, new tips and ideas coming next month!


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April 29th, 2011 @

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